At the heart of my work is to empower you to find the right answers for your investments
I provide you with guidance on strategy, my skills and experience to analyse risks and opportunities of investments and manage the portfolio. This and my opinion can help you to make your own informed decision. The development of trust with you and between you and the entrepreneur is a key element in my work. I work with you individually or in groups if you wish to jointly invest with family, friends or other like-minded investors.

Investment Approach
My investment services target equity, debt or mezzanine finance investments directly into business or funds across sectors and geographies. My expertise is in nature-based and system changing solutions and tech-enabled businesses, I am not a specialist for technology development. You can be as engaged as you wish, actively co-working on due diligences or leaving it all in my hands.

Investment Mindset
Integrating impact with profit helps to create resilient companies where all parties benefit and long-term success (but no short-term profit). 
System changing solutions cannot be developed out of a fear-based mindset that seeks for quick fixes. It requires compassion, curiosity and courage to step out of the old and go for the unknown. Due to the increased complexity and many unknowns in transitioning times, not everything can be explained with a rational mind. We need to learn to trust our intuition alongside investment skills.

Investment Consulting


Strategy Design: The impact investing strategy is a key element as it serves as a guideline for all your investments. The Strategy Design is based on your purpose. I will guide you to find your purpose and align it to the impact strategy. This in combination with your risk-profile serves as the foundation to define target sectors, geographies and asset classes.

Due Diligence of businesses or funds: My due diligences assist you in identifying risks and opportunities of a potential investment. The due diligence is a mix of review of documents, on-the-desk research and reference calls. It encompasses the analysis of teams, business and financial models, markets, impact strategy, and review of contracts. The findings will be summarized in a report that can help you to make your own informed decision. 

Portfolio Management: Investment management services support you after you have made an investment. Businesses tend to need additional assistance through mentoring, knowhow and access to networks. My services can assist you during the whole lifespan of an investment or you can call me in to resolve a certain matter.

Impact reporting: An impact report helps you to understand if you are on track with your intended impact strategy and how much impact has been created by your portfolio. The impact report showcases your portfolio diversification, the impact on portfolio level and for every single business and fund you have invested in. The final report can guide you to better steward your future investments.

Start-up Consulting


Impact-, Business- and Financial Planning: Are you planning to scale your venture? We assist you in developing a solid, strategic plan to achieve impact and financial targets.

Investment Readiness Training: Finding investment capital requires a well-developed and comprehensive scaling plan as well as the right documents for investors. We leverage years of practical experience with impact investors to ensure you are fully prepared for the fundraising process.

Investors Circles


Investors Circles give you the opportunity to learn and invest with impact and profit in a group of your family members, friends or other like-minded investors. It adds value as you can support and learn from each other. It opens the space to share your joys and vulnerabilities around deploying your capital, and you develop skills on how to work collaboratively as an investment team. You also get the chance to regularly meet with a group of close or like-minded people.

In the Investors Circle I will guide you to find your purpose and connect it with the group. I will coach you in investment skills and how to adapt an impact investing mindset during real due diligence on-the-job. Next, I will assist you in finding an investment decision within the group.

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